Documentation Services 

Situated in the market as a Technical Records Expert, MGM Engineering & Consultancy is able to provide customers with essential third-party records support. Documentation services include:

  • Inspection & auditing of technical records for completeness

  • Technical records management process design and redesign

  • Documentation review of sale and lease agreement for compliance requirements

  • Design, verify or redesign maintenance documentation for manufacturer's compliance

  • Document preparation for re-marketing

  • Technical records review prior to the end-of-lease phase

  • Lease compliance reviews

Delivery, Redelivery Consulting

Since delivery and redelivery of aircraft is a time consuming and labor-intensive process, due to the broad technical and operational knowledge it has, MGM Engineering & Consultancy is able to manage the whole process and offer expert consultancy services including:

  • Negotiation of delivery & redelivery conditions

  • Conduct a full compliance review of the operating lease terms

  • Manage the regulatory documentation compliance review process

  • Coordinate the mandatory technical condition review process

Flying Plane
Annual Inspections

Due to extensive airline and aircraft experience, MGM Engineering & Consultancy conducts Annual inspections on behalf of customers and lessors, providing services of:

  • Physical inspection of interior and exterior of fuselage, engines, and landing gears

  • Documentation review of airline operator for the subject year

  • Managing follow up actions due to findings

  • Preparing extensive reports at the end of each inspection

Aircraft Hangar